Rosanna Jenkins Curated Programs

The Traveler is designed to educate you on the vast number of choices available to you while you wander the world.




We travel a lot. Before Covid, we would wander the world for two weeks at a time. It was amazing. And, we’ve been traveling forever like this! Very fortunate…and grateful. So, while creating programs, I felt that this version was CRUCIAL. It’s easy to eat and enjoy the local culture, wine and pastries. But, what if you truly need to eat healthfully while wandering the planet? It IS possible…and, it CAN be done! I feel passionately about this program, throughout which we will evaluate your relationship to food, fitness, stress, and rituals. I will help you to establish non-negotiables and educate you on the power of healthy foods and sugar balancing — it’s The Secret to accomplishing your wellness goals while meeting the demands of the nomad lifestyle.

I am never going to suggest skipping anything when traveling. There is always a way to work around it!


  • Eating Options
  • Healthy, easy recipes you can create (or request) anywhere
  • Fitness – at home and on the road
  • Travel – anytime, anywhere you need help, I’m here via email
  • Hotels – I have found hotels will work with you to organize meal selections and in room snacks/supplements.
  • Weekly 45-minute chats with endless support in between via email

Designed with the CEO or Entrepreneur Boss Babes in mind. It’s hard enough to run your growing business without having to be in the kitchen! What do YOU need? Let's customize.




I’ve worked in the Public Relations and Marketing field for 20+ years.  I LOVED every.single.minute.…but, the one thing that proves challenging for Boss Babes (men and women) is the endless meetings, travel, late night cocktails and rich, calorie-laden spreads for clients. If you’re growing or running a business, you need a program that is fool-proof and easy to handle. Let’s evaluate your relationship to food, fitness, stress, and routines throughout the 12 weeks. I will ask you to establish non-negotiables and educate you on the power of healthy food choices and timetables for meals/snacks — the key to accomplishing your wellness goals while meeting the demands of being the CEO or entrepreneur.


  • Easy, healthy and simple recipes
  • Fitness ideas and hacks for office or home
  • Travel – We’re here regardless of where YOU are…just email
  • Hotel Liaison – Stuck in a hotel without appropriate food? No worries…hotels are happy to customize meals/snacks for you. We’ve been asking for our special meals for years and will make it happen for you.
  • Restaurant – Need a healthy biz breakfast? Lunch? Low-Cal Cocktails? We will make it happen!
  • Weekly 45-minute sessions with endless support in between via email

This is a great fit if you’re exploring the “eat real foods” lifestyle and are excited about making a healthy lifestyle change. Remember, it takes 21 days to begin to form a new routine. This gives you that extra “hug” you may need to level up!




You talk and I will listen.  NO ONE knows your body and it’s challenges better than you do.  Let’s get to the root of your challenge and customize a lifestyle that will help you get back to feeling better!  I am totally flexible and proactive as I incorporate cutting edge health and wellness with mistake-proof “real food” eating and fitness concepts.


  • What to eat and where to get it.  Nutrition made simple.
  • Simple, “real food” recipes that you can make without buying insane “yak belly” kinds of foods!
  • Workout Routines you can actually fit into your day
  • My “trash it” list and tasty “must have” snack items
  • Brands I obsess over…they are just that good!
  • Weekly 45-minute sessions for the first month, then two (2) chats a month with endless support in between via email

For 60 minutes I ZOOM into your home to advise you what to trash, what to keep, and how to shop for your kitchen so that you set yourself up for SUCCESS! This is a one-time virtual experience.




We get right down to it by throwing out all of the sugary goodies that don’t fuel your bodies, and shop for just a few daily staples, I know you’ll find this both eye-opening and freeing. It’s surprising how easily you can whip up healthy, quick recipes with just one little adjustment! One session is all you need.


  • Super easy and clean recipes featuring real foods
  • Learn what you should be looking for on food labels
  • My personal fave brands
  • Tips and hacks for meal plans and prepping

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